Rolling Thunder continues A.J. Devlin's hard-hitting, award-winning mystery series with its unbeatable one-two punch of over-the-top-rope humour and elbow-to-the-face adventure.

Former pro wrestler "Hammerhead" Jed Ounstead, now a fully-fledged private investigator, is riding high after his first successful case. In this second episode, Jed leaves the wrestling realm to enter a new arena: women's flat-track roller derby. When old acquaintance Stormy Daze seeks his help finding her team's missing coach, Jed discovers that the turnbuckle-and-metal-chair mayhem of the wrestling ring pales in comparison to roller derby's four-wheeled ferocity.

As his search intensifies, Jed is drawn into the criminal orbit of a shady entrepreneur who doubles as a late-night TV personality, a high-class bookmaker with a yen for racing dachshunds, and a kinky painter with a special technique for producing art. When the thunder rolls, Jed finds he needs more than a few of his beloved banana milkshakes to solve this case.


A.J. Devlin grew up in Greater Vancouver before moving to Southern California for six years...

A.J. Devlin grew up in Greater Vancouver before moving to Southern California for six years where he earned a B.F.A. in Screenwriting from Chapman University and a M.F.A. in Screenwriting from The American Film Institute. COBRA CLUTCH, the first entry in the “Hammerhead” Jed ex-pro wrestler turned PI mystery-comedy series, was nominated for a 2019 Lefty Award for Best Debut Mystery and won the 2019 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Crime Novel. Book two in the series — ROLLING THUNDER — will be released May 15th, 2020 by NeWest Press.

  • Niall Howell

    “A clever braiding of suspense and comedy, wildly memorable characters, and main-event-worthy plot, Rolling Thunder has cemented Devlin's unique niche in the realm of crime fiction. This book was made to be devoured.”

    Niall Howell
    Author of Only Pretty Damned
  • Bob Harris

    “A.J. Devlin scores again as he sends ‘Hammerhead’ Jed on another no-holds-barred romp through the dark underbelly of Metro Vancouver. Brilliantly done.”

    Bob Harris
    Writer, promoter, and archivist of pro wrestling vintage memorabilia
  • Jenna Hauck — aka Hydro-Jenna Bomb

    “Award-winning author A.J. Devlin hip-checks the reader from one captivating clue to the next in this gripping crime novel. Rolling Thunder is a laugh-out-loud mystery with unique and hilarious characters, and a realistic peek at the hard-hitting, counter-culture sport of women’s roller derby.”

    Jenna Hauck — aka Hydro-Jenna Bomb
    Former Terminal City Rollergirls skater / Multimedia Journalist with the Chilliwack Progress
  • Cat Power

    “Rolling Thunder has everything! Action, humour, mystery, and most importantly pro wrestling. I’m totally invested. Can’t wait for the next one!”

    Cat Power
    Pro wrestler and former ECCW Women’s Champion
  • Jeanne “Hollywood” Basone

    “A.J. Devlin’s latest crime novel packs a punch with nonstop action! His witty, entertaining style hooked me quicker than a figure-4 leglock and pinned me to the pages.

    ‘Hammerhead’ Jed’s colourful stable of heels and babyfaces create a suspenseful, romantic, comedic vice. Very entertaining! His rock-star persona makes him the ultimate chick magnet. His story takes me back to my four seasons at The Riviera hotel in Las Vegas with the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling and the words of my trainer, the legendary pro wrestler Mondo Guerrero, come to mind—‘No guts, no glory.’

    Rolling Thunder is a must read for everyone who is a fan of sports, wrestling, suspense … or all three!”

    Jeanne “Hollywood” Basone
    The first G.L.O.W. girl hired by creator David McLane
  • Andrew Shaffer

    “Professional wrestler-turned-PI ‘Hammerhead’ Jed is back, and not a moment too soon—trouble is brewing in the Greater Vancouver area on the roller derby circuit. Rolling Thunder is sheer fun. The dialogue is snappy, the action fast-paced. A.J. Devlin is the Canadian Carl Hiaasen. In fact, America will trade you Carl Hiaasen for him. I feel that strongly about this kid’s future.”

    Andrew Shaffer
    New York Times bestselling author and humorist
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