Cobra Clutch is a fast-paced, hard-hitting debut novel by A.J. Devlin that features an unstoppable combo: a signature move of raucous humour with a super finisher of gritty realism.

“Hammerhead” Jed Ounstead thought he’d traded the pro-wrestling world for the slightly less dangerous one of a bar bouncer and errand boy for his father’s detective agency, but the squared circle wasn’t quite done with him yet. When his former tag-team partner draws upon their old friendship for help in finding his kidnapped pet snake, Jed finds himself dragged back into the fold of sleazy promoters, gimmicky performers, and violence inside and outside the ring. As the venom of Vancouver’s criminal underworld begins to seep into Jed’s life, a steel chair to the back of the head is the least of his problems.

  • Sam Wiebe

    "A fast-paced, funny, energetic debut that brings to mind Carl Hiaasen and Robert Crais. In Cobra Clutch, Devlin ingeniously merges the worlds of pro wrestling and private eyes into a breakneck adventure that will leave readers breathless. Intense and cinematic.”

    Sam Wiebe
    Award-winning author of Last of the Independents, Invisible Dead, and Cut You Down
  • Andrew Shaffer

    "Part Road House, part No Holds Barred. All badass."

    Andrew Shaffer
    New York Times Bestselling Author of How To Survive A Sharknado and Hope Never Dies: An Obama / Biden Mystery
  • Sheena Kamal

    "Hilarious, full of mischief and mayhem, Cobra Clutch is thoroughly entertaining!"

    Sheena Kamal
    Macavity Award Winner and Bestselling Author of The Lost Ones and It All Falls Down
  • John M. Murray

    "Cobra Clutch masterfully blends humor, mystery, thrills, action, romance, and heart into a hell of a story featuring a lively wrestler-turned-PI hero. The action scenes are intense, the quiet times heartwarming and engaging, and the humor expertly interjected to accentuate characters and breathe realism into the story."

    John M. Murray
    Foreword Reviews
  • Susan Hoover

    "Cobra Clutch is a terrific novel, bringing the seamier side of Vancouver to life, while amusing us with witty dialogue, startling characters, and amazing plot twists."

    Susan Hoover
  • "Set in Vancouver, BC, this intriguing debut offers a fast-paced, graphically violent mystery that pairs well with Glen Erik Hamilton's Past Crimes. Fans of pro wrestling will appreciate 'Hammerhead' Jed.”

    Library Journal Reviews
  • R.M. Greenaway

    "Great escapism, great vicarious head-knocking, as well as lots of laughs along the way."

    R.M. Greenaway
    Award-winning author of Cold Girl, Undertow, and Creep
  • "Fans of Jack Reacher and 1980s action movies will happily add 'Hammerhead' Jed to their list of favorite heroes."

    Salisbury Post
  • Dave Butler

    "A great, rollicking mystery / thriller / crime novel from A.J. Devlin, a fantastic first novel. Loved the first sentence and it only got better from there. A.J. does action well, along with excellent descriptions of Vancouver scenes, gritty and not-so-gritty. Can't wait for the next one!"

    Dave Butler
    Arthur Ellis Award-winning author of Full Curl
  • "Cobra Clutch uses humour and gritty realism and includes a former tag team partner, a kidnapped snake, sleazy promoters, and violence inside and outside the ring."

    BC Bookworld
  • Wendy Hawkin

    "Pro-wrestlers, scuzzy bikers, a yellow pet python, and a private detective -- how does Devlin hold it all together in this gritty page-turning novel? With a whole lot of style and a splattering of tongue-in-cheek humour."

    Wendy Hawkin
    The Ottawa Review of Books
  • Debra Purdy Kong

    "Not many mystery writers can combine humour, colorful characters, and an interesting plot in a debut mystery, but A.J. Devlin has done exactly this. Set in Vancouver, Devlin aptly describes the many diverse areas that make the city unique. Plot, pacing, subplots, and backstory are masterfully handled. Here's to a long line of 'Hammerhead' Jed mysteries."

    Debra Purdy Kong
    Author of Knock Knock, the most recent addition in the Casey Holland mystery series
  • JP Cupertino

    "A.J. Devlin shows a passion for professional wrestling that results in a very authentic-feeling world full of colorful characters, twists and turns and plenty of banana milkshakes. As the story unfolds, you don't feel that this is a side trip to the protected and secretive universe of professional wrestling, but an integral part of Jed's character.”

    JP Cupertino
    Gremlins Online
  • Kathleen J. Kaminski

    "Cobra Clutch is a fast-paced, action-packed mystery with grit, heart, and plenty of humor.”

    Kathleen J. Kaminski
  • Stephen Knight

    "...high-pitched violent action sequences, daring escapes, and a thrilling climax."

    Stephen Knight
    Quill & Quire
  • Lesa's Book Critiques

    " outstanding debut.”

  • June Lorraine Roberts

    "...some good fun by A.J. Devlin.”

    June Lorraine Roberts

    "Jed infiltrates the sleazy world of pro-wrestling and grapples with the dangerous Vancouver underworld in this engaging debut thriller, a finalist for the 2019 Lefty Award for Best Debut Mystery."


    "Now this is what I like. A fast-paced and funny ride with a great new PI."


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